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21st March 2014 from TwitLonger
Truly Goosebumpy Raajaish Moments !!

A myriad of emotions are experienced when listening to IlaiyaRaaja songs..
Some of the feelings you get are innermost to your senses and so deep that it is really hard to describe them in words ..

I often tend to think Goosebumps has become a very common and often over rated word and generally used at will to describe different feelings..
I myself am guilty on occassions but there are portions/parts in certain songs which makes you inexplicably get a Namalukku Ariyamalaye Vara feel..

Somehow more than the musically histrionic numbers , it is those simple folkish songs mostly in 3 beat cycle which gives that உணர்ச்சி ..

Here are some of my truly Goosebumpy Raaja moments :
1) Oorelaam Un Paattu Dhaan - Oorelaam Un Paattu
Am a big fan of Swarnalatha's version of this song .. There is so much of soul ingrained all over this number that you just can't help but falling in love with it..Especially that Charanam portion when she renders 'Aalam Vizhudhugal Pole Aadum Ninaivugal Pole' with the violins backing up in arrangement , pppppaaaaahhhhh that’s all you want to say ..

2) Thaana Vandha Sandhaname - Ooru Vittu Ooru Vandhu
Another folkish beauty based on the Karaharapriya scale , this one is a total stunner every way you look at it ..The way the word "Thaana" is illuthified giving such a nice variation and the heavenly violins in the 1st interlude is complete Pularippu..
But the truly defining moment is in the Charanam area when SPB renders 'கொத்துமல்லி கொண்டையிலாட குளிர் பார்வை வண்டுகளாட
புத்தம் புது செண்டுகளாட புது தாகம் தோணுமே' - what an impact he generates by traversing from one octave to another twice back and forth (Ri--->Ri , Ni---->Ni) , totally out of the skin singing by Balu leaving you stumped.

3) Kuyil Paattu - En Rasavin Manasule
Another Swarnalatha favourite folkish number based on the monstrous Shivaranjini ..Here the sound of the flute feels like the chirping of the birds .. The true moment of reckoning arrives during the portion 'mannavanum pOgum paadhaiyil vaasamulla malligaippoo meththai virippaen'
You just feel this line appears suddenly out of the blue and parallelly with the violins at the background communicating the desired emotion leaves you with a lump in your heart.Totally unexpected and out of the box.

4) Raasave Unnai Nambi - Mudhal Mariyadhai
Example of feel good is defined in this song .. Avalo oru mey marandha feel kudukkum indha paattu ..Janaki Amma kudukara feele thani .. Edho pannum especially andha portion 'Unakke vachirukken moochu
Ethukku intha kadhi aachu' giving the perfect tranquil ambience ..

5) Indha Maan - Karagatakkaran
Personal favourite - a song which transports you to another world.. Vayathu ellaam kalakkum when the violins are injected in the first interlude Uchchathukku pora feel when Raaja sings 'anname ahhhh (alaap) anname endhan swarname' adhukku mela additionally oru violins movement apdiye vera ulagam koindu poyidum that very moment.

6) Malligaiye Malligaiye - Periya Veetu Panakkaran
A song very close to my heart - thaana oru palpable excitement varum whenever I listen to it. The starting violins tell you whats in store and the portions that follow just blows you away.
However the defining moment of awesomeness happens during the takeover of the flute in the first interlude , the way it carries the interlude on top of the Tabla rhythm and leads towards the Charanam is simply mesmerising. Napolean sir at his real best , this bit just makes you jump with joy .. Used to have this bit as my ringtone - Sarasangi Bliss
Ringtone :
Song :

7) Madhurai Maarikozhundhu Vaasam - Enga Ooru Paattukkaaran
A feeling of துள்ளல் comes in whenever you listen to this song making you sway away to the quintessential Ta Ki Ta rhythm..
What a delight it is to listen to the violins unfurl briefly before being subjected to the introduction of Shehnai piece suddenly giving a totally different color and again paving way for the violins to finish off in style..
Then comes the Charanam and when you feel the song to be moving in one direction , a sudden burst of energy is witnessed when Chitra renders 'vettu adhu unakku mattum dhaanaa' going on a full throttle jump forward to the next octave giving such a wonderful rippling effect making you feel relished ..

8 ) Maanguyile Poonguyile - Karagatakkaaran
Speaking of folk , one just cannot ignore the gargantuan Maanguyile .. Eppo indha paattu ketaalum oru thani sugam ..
The employment of flute , violins , Nadaswaram , Thavil etc make it a grand orchestral spectacle but not for a moment does it compromise on the soul of the song which is truly rustic and native.These are things which mind boggle you about Raaja as to how he paints the perfect caricature in his own inimitable style according to the desired setting not diluting the essence at the slightest ..
The most bamboozling part of this song however is the twist in the Charanam when SPB sings 'yaereduththu paaththu yemmaa neereduththu ooththu' - where a new note (Periya Gandharam) is introduced for the first time creating an unexpected sparkling chiaroscura making you completely bedazzled. This note is not introduced till that part and when it is what a marvellous transmogrification it brings to the table enhancing the song to an alltogether different level..

9) Shenbagame Shenbagame - Enga Ooru Paattukkaran
This song in Sindhu Bhairavi ragam is inundated , soaked and embellished completely with soul in abundance , just the initial Alaap by Asha Bhosle gives such a magical feel and on top of it the portions of flute resonate and the violins tug at your heart strings stirring your emotions ..
When Ashaji finishes the Charanam by singing 'ennoda pattu satham serum unna pinnale eppodhum unnathottu paadaporen munnale' , such an ineffable feel is generated making you truly lost for words ..

10) Un Paarvaiyil - Amman Kovil Kizhakaale
Ennavo oru power irukku indha paattula , every next time you listen the more you tend to fall in love with it ..
Raaja dumbfounds by taking a Hindustani based scale for a village setting and the output he creates is simply bewitching and breathtaking ..
Every part of the song just makes you go bonkers but if you have to pick that one hair raising moment it is that flute portion in the second interlude .. It just automatically brings a smile to your face and you just don't know what to say but if you have to describe this beauty in a single word maybe you can say its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Another flute bit i pride on having as a ringtone ..
Ringtone :
Song :

Its unbeleivable to think how Raaja impacts and transcends our lives by churning out songs which truly touch the soul ..
He is not just a composer but a Vaggeyakara and a rare breed ..
Whether one is a Pati Thotti Rasigan or a musical connoisseur , Raaja connects everyone through his soul infusing music..
There is that amazing power in his music which just makes you forget yourself and be completely hypnotised to his music ..
And thats precisely the most significant reason which makes his music truly special and in a league of its own ..
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