Friday, August 22, 2014

Kerala Govt curbing liquor

Congratulate Kerala Govt fr this good step in curbing liquor. The people need a break. Hope TN also follows

  1. No choice, foreign tourists wont come otherwise.
  2. Ayyo Vennanga! Thats whats is keeping the chennai folks little chilled out! Else they will go mental!
  3. hah! People need a break from themselves?
  4. Prohibition world over never succeed! It will create a parallel Mafia.Increased taxes&educate abt ills is better.
  5. This isnt prohibition, restrictions, lesser bars, wine shops close on Sundays
  6. Both the states revenues comes only from liquor sales. social costs? huge medical expenses mainly by poor
  7. The police will make money by allowing illegal sales on sunday.Binge drinking on saturdays.UK tried and it failed!
  8. every issue has pros and cons
  9. truth is both states, TN and Kerala have a huge proportion of alcoholics
  10. Prohibition never the answer-leads to rampant corruption, illicit hooch, just goes underground.
  11. ban doesn't solve the problem. TN and Kerala state govt encouraged liquor, if they stop that its good enough
  12. and they are mainly poor people who get hurt, less productivity, more expenses, family tensions, kids start criminal activts
  13. Kerala and Punjab are highest. AP,Karntaka,Maharashtra has higher consumption than TN.
  14. state govt should stop selling liquor. Let pvt business sell. Cost will increase consumption will decrease
  15. Punjab I am sure is worse off, not sure abt other states, 4get the comparison, this is a social evil here
  16. Actually they were trying the *Arunachalam* route. Try giving people more drink. At a point they will tire.
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