Tuesday, October 22, 2013

மருத்துவம் போலிகள்

பொய்யான நம்பிக்கையூட்டுவோருக்கும் பிணம் தின்னிகளுக்கும் வித்தியாசம் இல்லை. #மருத்துவம் #போலிகள் Please share

  1. recently went to one clinic after they charged 7k+ same treatment done for my cousin 1000+ :) it's happening all the places if IT
  2. . don't blame only the clinic for that. People with more money demand more service & attention, so the providers charge more
  3. then same way, let us also blame "people who want immediate solution" & not just alternate mediciners
  4. . simple demand-supply economics. As long as there are people who demand (& pay), there will be those who provide (& charge).
  5. you prove scientificaly that their medicine is bogus, then fight. Bt just don't fight that they don't hv proof 4 medicine.
  6. . when and where did you find lack of scientific reasoning in my arguments? I genuinely want to know.
  7. against alternate medicine. You guys say they are fake, but hv any proof that homeopathy can't control diabetes?

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