Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ராயல் என்பீல்ட்

ராயல் என்பீல்ட் காதலர்கள் யாராச்சும் இருக்கீங்களா
  1. I did a test ride. I love the looks of Thunderbird and the riding experience classic gave me |1
  2. Digital throw-ins in the TB lures me. I'm a flash-wroom-through-the-traffic guy. which one should |2
  3. I opt for, given I love both in a way with equal priority. |3
  4. did you try electra and the other classics (not the new ones)
  5. I dont own a but these guys-> 've it recEntly & they may able to help u out :> ThatzY CCed them
  6. Electra didnt impress me much. Bullet wasn't available. I suppose they have only new classic for TD.
  7. Cool. Do u want me drop u from the train :-}
  8. What about the new Cafe Racer? is it available yet?
  9. Continental - Gt? Will be launched in January the dealer said me.
  10. அண்ணன், தானைத் தலைவன், அஞ்சா சிங்கம், புல்லட்டுப் பாண்டி விடுபட்டதைக் கண்டிக்கிறோம்.
  11. Everyone except me here have TBird, I am for Classic 350.
  12. Electra differs only in outlook and slightly in price, the rest are exactly the same.
  13. அவ்வ்வ்வ்.. மன்னிச்சூ பாஸ் :>
  14. yes, do you think its worth waiting, expensive though. I Prefer Classic over TB for the driving exp. I own a machismo
  15. Standard lacks some features like Disc Brake and Self start, மத்தபடி எல்லாம் ஒண்ணுதான்.
  16. Thats the swing actually. Is TB a traffic-blazer?? Its TB vs Classic?
  17. 500 வைப்ரேஷன் கூடுதலா இருக்கு பாஸ்....
  18. +1 I dont like discs either so my next would be a standard :)
  19. It feels like RX - 100 by looks. I don't feel like waiting. I want it asap.
  20. Good for you, and FYI, Standard is completely hand made and will take one more extra month
  21. yes, thats what makes it interesting to me :-)
  22. how heavy is TB? this time I tried my Rx135 and I got shoulder pain.
  23. அதுக்கே உமக்கு தோள் வலின்னா, TB ஓட்டினா ஸகலமும் வலிக்கும், ப்ளீஸ் Refrain.
  24. .even I am not able 2 drive Kinetic Honda.. but TB mela oru kannu.
  25. நடராஜா சர்வீஸ்தான் உமக்கெல்லாம் லாயக்கு.
  26. சார், நீங்க சைக்கிள் மட்டுமே ஓட்டனும் :>
  27. Scooty வாங்கிக்குங்க பாஸ்.
  28. நல்லவேளை, ஹெர்குலிஸ் சைக்கிள் வாங்க சொல்லலை.
  29. SIR next time I will take u in TB..my brother is going to book in Jan
  30. But I cannot drive like u. U r driving Scorpio like a TB..Worst driving
  31. அடுத்தவாட்டி என் கார்ல உக்காரும், அசல் சைக்கிள் மாதிரியே ஓட்டுவேன்.
  32. ஏன்யா, உமக்கு பயம்னா worst driving ஆ?!
  33. New is shiny with all bells and whistles + split seats An ubercool look.
  34. Old is non-tech but Solid Craftwork, you will fall in love with it as you age :) Bullet is basically a long term purchase
  35. however need to check the engine for both in specs - if both are same then buy based on your intuition at that moment
  36. we don't know what is saying..but whatever he's saying is wrong :)
  37. Is the old one available for purchase, I mean brand new?
  38. yes, but, its hand made so check with all dealers for availability
  39. Okay. The engine I should check for specs right? Isn't that a single/split seater?
  40. வைப்ரேஷன் கூடுதல் // புதுசுலையுமா? // I didn't know what i drove in my TD. Yeah it had more vib than 350
  41. BTW, why do u hate the disk brake? I feel the tires are skinny and the brake is a little feeble compariively with sports bikes.
  42. Its my driving issue, I use Front Brakes a lot. But The drums hasn't failed me yet, the greatest advantage of bullet is ...
  43. its support of stable slower speeds in city traf, the usage of brakes is less compared to other bikes I've rode
  44. its a single seater, but I think you can use split seats as well, I changed my machismo from split to single
  45. புதுசுலயும்தான், நிறையவே இருக்கு.
  46. The machismo is stopped now. Right? Diff b/w the old n new?
  47. Mach is stopped, Its all Looks and Tech that differs, Engines the same. bank on ur gut! she's gonna be your friend for a decade
  48. Yes. Gotta do TD is all showrooms possible n decide :)
  49. I was said that only Classic and TB come in 500 in india. Bullet only 350.
  50. really? i saw the reviews in site seems people are buying it here, cross check with other dealers as well
  51. Is it even possible to dream about HD for a 2L price range?

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