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இப்போ போட்டாதான் உண்டு... நான் என்ன சொல்ல வர்றேன்னா.. போங்கய்யா/போங்கம்மா போய் புள்ள குட்டிகள படிக்க வைங்க்.....

Eureka Schools - Design a Logo Contest

About Eureka Schools

Eureka Nursery and Primary Schools were founded in 2006. Our vision is to provide high quality affordable education to rural children. Our schools rest on the following pillars – meaningful methodology, attractive teaching learning materials, motivated teachers, focus on learning outcomes of every child and child-friendly infrastructure. In addition to academics, we focus on extra-curricular skills such as dance, yoga, sport and art & craft. Our schools demonstrate our firm belief that every child, irrespective of his/her social & financial background has the potential to achieve, provided he/she is given the right inputs.

Eureka Schools are managed by AID INDIA, started in 1996 by IIT & BITS alumni who quit corporate careers to work fulltime towards the mission of quality education for every poor child in India.


Eureka School received the Design Share Merit Award for innovative and child-friendly design.
AID won the Times of India Social Impact Award for Global Contribution to India in 2011.

Logo Theme

The logo should represent one or more of the following themes – ‘child-centered education’, ‘learning is fun’, ‘every child matters’.

Special requirements

4-colour vector image file - eps, psd, ai or cdr AND a PNG file
Dimensions – 6 inches by 4 inches
Text ‘Eureka School’ to be included in logo
Come up with a creative tagline.
Logo should work with or without tagline.
Should be vibrant

The Eureka School logo will appear on our children’s school uniforms, notebooks, school diary, ID cards and other school material.

Terms and conditions

Participants can be of any age.
The content used in the logo must be original.
Each contestant can submit a maximum of 2 entries.
The copyright of the winning logo will be owned by Eureka Schools and AID INDIA.
Criteria for selecting the winning logo

A panel of judges will select the winning logo.
Entries with the maximum number of Facebook ‘likes’ have a better advantage.
The decision of the panel is final and binding on all contestants.


Create your entry for the Eureka School logo.
Email it as a PNG file to with the following details on or before May 19, 2013. Name, Date of birth, Occupation, E-mail id Declaration: I undertake that the content submitted by me is original content to the best of my knowledge. Append your name and date.
You will receive a confirmation email and your entry will be posted on Eureka Child's Facebook page.
Share your logo posted on Eureka Child's Facebook page and solicit as many ‘likes’ as you can.
The winning logo will be finalized and announced on May 21, 2013.
The winner will be contacted with details of prize distribution.
Special Note: School students can submit photographed / scanned versions of hand-drawn entries. In addition to the basic info requirement, mention your class and your school name, specifying your city/town.

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