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பிச்சை எடுக்கலாம்

I'm a Bird Man


This is from a old radio interview in which Director Suresh Krishna said ARR composed Punnagai Mannan theme music.

  1. Surprising, considering what I've heard is he helped IR feed the music into the computer. Also because IR wouldn't call it his
  2. lol why this kolaveri :D
  3. I know I am treading into dangerous territory, but what r ur thoughts on LSubramaniams accusations against IR and KH (Hey ram)
  4. prrof eh illai nu edho periya comedy madhiri andha kootam sichittu irundhaanga... Idho proof, enjoy nu koduthutten! avlo thaan
  5. Link? I have read IR's autobio and that has his version. Would like to know what LS had to say.
  6. This was in Kumudam some 15 years ago. Link ellam how can I find? LS categorically stated that his tunes were used in Hey Ram.
  7. Oho apdiyA? Interesting because in the 2000s once, LS called IR the God of Indian film music. If you may be interested, I can
  8. provide you with the version in IR's autobiography.
  9. today's trolling has started, i can see :P btw, that is a highly edited piece with no context. put the full thing up no?
  10. again, you mistake me. I put it up only to shut up the mafia who were doing their usual non-sense! :) As always, I am just reacting.
  11. I'd shared the full interview long time back - the whole interview is about Rahman only.
  12. IR plays LS's version and his version to Lazslo, conductor of Budapest Symphony Orchestra
  13. what was the trigger? I seem to not see those!
  14. I'll listen to this. Thanks!
  15. Of course whole twitlonger has stuf from his formative yrs, other praises and so on.
  16. Sunday some ARR fan shared the theme saying "ARR da!" Mafia reacted to that. He is reacting to a reaction :)
  17. actually another fan said Thalapathy was also ARR's (not kidding ) and you may imagine the rest.
  18. I am not sure Suresh Krishna knows the difference between composing and programming !!!
  19. My pov is personally I can tell almost all of IR's music from the signature. And this has his signature.
  20. So as much as Suresh Krishna's interview stands, I will regard it with a bucket of salt.
  21. you can interpret it however you want to. Mafia mocked saying there was no proof, I gave proof. Thasaal
  22. OK. If you are satisfied by this type of 'proof' I have no argument
  23. which would obviously result in more derisive mock.
  24. Again I state the same, Suresh Krishna is probably talking about programming the music that was given
  25. Giving this as a proof against a great music director is disgraceful to say the least
  26. SignatureA? The harmonies in this are beyond reach of Rahman
  27. Suarez kadichadhu kooda ippadi valichu irukadhu .. Pah!
  28. Suarez kadichchittu Chellini kadichittanu solra maadhiri irukku :)
  29. Deliberately misleading statement from everest director's gang
  30. Kumudam. It was widely discussed in Mayyam too. That link was available even last year. Suspiciously missing now
  31. Ofcourse :) He was in all probability programming the music given to him. This guy calls that 'composing'
  32. neenga AR Rahman-oda pazhaiya interview ellam collect panreenga, idha koattai vittuteenga nu solreengala? :P
  33. idhu romba pazhasu! I had shared this some 5-6 years back, I think :) resharing again because the controversy resurfaced!
  34. Ah yes. Nice descending bassline. This is a nice 4-hands piano arrangement Gets lovely at 1:14
  35. idha sonnA mafia bias nu Aidum. So I will still keep argument musical to "this has IR all over it" :)
  36. /Suspiciously missing / Oh now u doing CID investigs too? That link verymuch ther even now
  37. saar ivar solradhu LS oda intriyoo. adhuvum adhula irukkA?
  38. adhukku CID velai ellam panna venam... that Maiyam which came on the 1st page of google is missing.
  39. Ha Ha Ha Ha. What a lovely. Thanks for sharing
  40. Mavane where did LS badmouth on Raja nnu ivar sollattum! LS intw starts in 13th row
  41. Mayyam missingnnaa odane suspicious aa?!? won't it be a technical fault?! Btw mayyam is poor in archieving
  42. so u mean, ur MD life gone without this link?!? pathetic! punnagaimannan vechi mileage ottura nelamai pola! ;)
  43. nanRi hai. idhula vAzhtharAr. adhu vEra intriyoo va?
  44. Lol. How can someone take the credit from where it truly belongs?
  45. I dunno. Kumudam cover page la ye hey ram padathula ematrapatten nu thaan irundhadhu.
  46. Life I meant here is mine. Not my MD's. Now I can deal with a few.. :)
  47. and, LS was mostly polambifying in the interview that they used his tunes even after he moved out from the project
  48. PKS: ஏ டாக்டர் பாப்பா! என்ன உள்ளபோட உனக்கு வயசு/அனுபவம் பத்தாது, வேண்ணா உன்ன கெத்துட்டேன்னு சொல்லு, சந்தோசமா போறேன்"
  49. In any case, oru intriyoo la vAzthi innonuthula thoothi apparam few yrs later marudiyum vAzhtharadhu is inconsistent.
  50. what i posted was LS's only intruu and nowhere did he say his tunes used by IR.
  51. It was projected as if ARR was taking credit for IR's work. Now that its proved wrong, I am happy as an ARR fan.
  52. Also, Nee Paartha song, the notes kamal press on piano diff from the ones actually played, evident in the song!
  53. Actually, good point. The chords Kamal video la plays my friend tried. It was different music from Nee Paartha.
  54. none of us claim he took extra credit other than arranging/feeding etc. That is with him only. but not composing cdt
  55. there's a video of recording with Ajoy over the video of the film i.e. audio done after video
  56. Yes, summave adichi viduveenga, "உலக இசை மேதை" SureshKrishna's words are much more trustful for you guys! ;)))
  57. Ofcousre its more trustworthy than many tweeters here, I would say. :)
  58. அதான் சொல்றேன்! ராஜாவோட compositionஐ உங்களுதுனு சொல்லி க்ரெடிட் தேடிக்கிற நிலமைக்கு வந்திருக்கீங்க! நல்ல வளர்ச்சி!
  59. பொய் திரும்ப திரும்ப சொன்னா உண்மை ஆயிடும் போல தான் இருக்கு
  60. They are trying but music clearly tells the truth.
  61. ROFLS!! Tea glass edukka vanthavan solrathai proofnnu nambi kaalathai Ottavendiya kattaayam! Real pathetic!
  62. ஓ இதான் உங்கஊர்ல Proofஆ! Last time went to Panchathan inn, Harris was playing "Chinna China aasai"! Whatte MD!
  63. keezha vizhundhum meesai la mann ottala nu solreenga... sollikkonga!
  64. "Raja compose senju kuduthuttaaru, baseline & orch(programming?) ellaam dileep panraaru" can u hear this??!
  65. That is clearly about Vaan Megam and not the theme music! sabbaaa!
  66. also, the program is to honour IR. Why would Sivamani talk about ARR composing?
  67. இந்த பொழப்புக்கு போய் தெருத்தெருவா பிச்சை எடுக்கலாம்
  68. ROFL நீங்க சொன்னா சரியா தான் இருக்கும்
  69. taking credit from composer/ask musicians to play on their own and take the credit from them.high moral values

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