Thursday, June 26, 2014

The owner of a fake ID



A number of people are asking why is questioning if I am the owner of a fake ID. Thank you friend for your tweets to that effect!

  1. I have been very careful in neutrally expressing my distressful experience with the fake id.. I stand by that.
  2. But why ppl has to cry foul like கண்ணைக்கசக்கிறது, ever paronia, persecution complex. Its my problem and I am dealing with that
  3. As a friend if anybody can step forward and stand by me, well and good. Otherwise also fine with me. Lets move on :-)
  4. but you haven't yet answered his question at all. it can be a 'yes' or 'no'.
  5. 3. If you dont want to 'reveal' your stand on the issue, please excuse me. I am not in for any more discussions. _/\_
  6. I say that because whenever I make fun of you, you equate that to a fake id. Hence my saying
  7. Show me an example pls. I have been always careful on this issue.
  8. I don't think you were targeted or whatever. And while that guy is vulgar. I don't see anything condemnable. So I don't agree
  9. Ok. Some of his tweets were confusing. Good night.
  10. So u don't have anything to say on filthy abuses? May be that is also confusing for u.
  11. All those tweets are of yours. If u want to 'spin it' in the way u want, I can't help it.
  12. Yours this tweet is about one of my non-political tweet which has been proclaimed as 'judgemental' one.
  13. But now for a 'filthy abusive' by an anonymous ID you dont even want to condemn.
  14. >ட்றோல் மூத்திர வாடைன்னா< Its your generalizations. Where did I say this?
  15. When somebody wants to bully me its playful for you. When I retaliate you are getting irked. I dont understand this equation
  16. I had posted about my distressful experience about filthy abuses I encountered. Dont know why you want to turn it against me.
  17. All that you have to do is condemn the anony id's rather than finding fault with me.
  18. I am not doing this anymore. You can always call me or mail me if you need any clarifications.
  19. they are all part of conversations. it was easier to pull out my tweets.
  20. if you were really bullied I would stand behind you. I haven't seen any such thing.
  21. i haven't seen any filthy abuses in my time line. my concern is different. many times i am linked to that abuse. hence asking
  22. i have answered. i did not see anything that needs my condemnation. so i have nothing to condemn.
  23. it is up to you. everything has happened in twitter. so why take it to background?
  24. that was when you had said i had vanmam and targeted trolling and what not. very relevant here.
  25. Is anything relevant to you there? He was trying to pull me and I was retaliating about the fake_id... what is that irking u there
  26. What background? I cud write everything in detail, but will it serve any purpose? You will be ridiculing it again.
  27. Cudn't u see the same fake Id was there fueling the tussle? You are just falling prey for some stupid anony's play.
  28. >many times I am linked to that abuse< When? Only when that discussion comes in the context I have to respond.
  29. Good to know that. I am happy that my values are still intact.
  30. I know you unfollowed me, but it looks like the 'he' mentioned here is me. I very strongly resent that implication.
  31. you were sly trolling Writer Para, so I asked you to do it boldly as a friend with @ mention. What is wrong in that?
  32. so if you poke fun or sly troll it is ok, but if I ask you a question, I'm leading you to a piss alley is it?
  33. have you heard of Bruno's Hemato-Tomato Doctrine? You practice it well. Thank you.
  34. . I have the integrity to put I'm paranoid in my bio. Maybe you should too.
  35. நாளைக்கு நீ அட்டுப் போடலையேன்னு எவனும் சொல்லிடக் கூடாதுன்னு முன் ஜாமீனா?
  36. I had. Please read my bio. 'இணைய சண்டித்தாங்களுக்கு நடுவில் கொஞ்சம் இங்கிதத்தையும் நம்புபவன்'
  37. What is your problem I clearly dont understand. There was a an anony who was going rampage against many people
  38. I WONT. I will strongly oppose that. I will despise those who promotes it
  39. I had complained to twitter as well. I will go to the legal authorites too if i need to
  40. You said 'வம்பிழுத்தல்' I did not. Please dont try to twist all the tweets
  41. IF you guys like that filthy language... Please follow that for your own reasons. I WONT tolerate
  42. சும்ம சுத்தி சுத்தி அடிக்கிறதுல என்ன லாபம்?
  43. GO and read whom and all that fake id was trolling... You will find out.
  44. I really DESPISE those people who promote that kinda Fake IDs to troll against people for cheap intentions
  45. I quote a thatstamil link and you will come and pull me for no reason. Then it will end up another troll train. I know
  46. I always prefer on discussion at the merit of knowledge. That why I put this DP. I DESPISE fake ids with troll agendas
  47. I will not tolerate any further discussions in supporting filthy language abusive twitter handles
  48. I had the whereabouts of that fake id from where it had whirled down the abuse on me. I will not speak in that language
  49. ... even to my enemise. WHY on the earth you people want that language to hurled on me, whom you know for years
  50. Please stop this barrage of tweets on this record. If you need any further clarifications write to me.
  51. Done. Any further tweets from you both on this regard will not be answered.

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