Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wish for bangalore

Come on Bangaloreans, what's your ? Plus the action plan. Instead of putting it on the authories, what can we do?

  1. Public in City never did anything worth commenting for the bangalore infra. never protested, or never questioned. Its Time
  2. Questioning wrong plans of BDA/BBMP is for the good of us only. but then we think whats the infra got to do with us.
  3. And thats the reson there seems to be no protest or outrage on the delay's in Metro work, Garbage dumps, Public transport
  4. encroachment free footpaths/pedestrian walkways
  5. Also the reson why we have 7-8 flyovers messing up our time between KR-Puram and Silk-Board. Just 1 or 2 wud suffice
  6. especially from Marathalli to Sarjapur Rd junction signal. i think we cross 5 flyovers in just 5kms distance. POOR Planning
  7. Devide The Roads In Such A Way That Everyone Follows Road Crossings And U Turns Rules . .
  8. Make Sure That Noone Breaks The Traffic Rules. Also Avoid Spitting And Urinating In Public Places..
  9. yes! I feel utterly disgusted wid educated folks urinating, spitting & littering on the roads. Basic etiquette
  10. Do we have facilities around the city to relieve the nature's call?! Infra-structure must be improved!!
  11. Can't Help.. We Have To Learn A Lot From People Of On Following Rules And Maintaining Clean Environment
  12. simple question. Do you see women urinating in public? We manage to find facilities. Can't men?easier to piss on walls?
  13. The physiology is different, moreover, why to stress the muscles for no reason?! We pay taxes for the facilities
  14. good qn pallavi again family upbringing screwed up and element of shame not imparted at social level. Emboldens guys to doit
  15. No family will encourage to piss on walls and trees! when he, he , he and he ,he and he and he does, why not me?
  16. men cant control till they find a loo, it seems.
  17. sreenu I'm sure u wud let ur son piss anywhere in the house but if u had a dotty ur wife wud have ensured +
  18. On a lighter note, women have more **Nachke, Mana and Maryade** , as compared to men!! ;-))
  19. but wife wud have ensured explained that dotty uses the loo and explained her about accepted social behaviour +
  20. Sure, if I do not build a toilet, yes, I will allow him to piss anywhere he wants!! :)) Absolutely!!
  21. there is a difference between OWN home and PUBLIC place, I do lot of things at home, can I do outside? chill
  22. so there that is social and family imparting behaviour to a girl but to a boy oh hudga avnu madidde sari alwa
  23. Boss, I can walk on street with no shirt..can a girl do that?? Same...they have limitations..and let's rest it
  24. without potty training at home dnt expect outside. due to this toilet probs I know women holkd bladders for hrs
  25. sorry for interrupting but why are u guys talking about people pissing?? :D (eyes rolling)
  26. do u know cos of holding on to their bladders women suffer later on with cramps etc. Sadly male chauvinist society
  27. Can we talk on improving infra-structure and moral policing! :)) that's a different topic / family/ethics! :))
  28. how long can u hold ur bladder boss I bet pallavi can hold it twice. U can't since u piss at opportune moment
  29. nothing personal just pointing out
  30. vinila we are talking bout how guys are AO and piss everywhere without shame and how women dnt
  31. I would never hold...made it clear... I live like a Roman in Rome! :))
  32. so u still haven't answered pallavis qn that is what got my goat. If she can hold why can't u. Same anatomy no
  33. People whistle when Salman removes his shirt, if I do that... I will get Chapli yetu.. so each one is different
  34. Lol coz more than half of bangalore stinks of piss thanks to our men. :)
  35. Exactly...there are answers for some Qs... reading between lines helps! :))
  36. Men will be Men!! :)) So let's improve the infra-structure!! :))
  37. absolutely pallavi when men r ashamed to move around those areas imagine the plight of women
  38. no I think the 'piss' discussion is needed. Why do men feel relieving themselves on public walls is alright?
  39. I don't think any human being will want to move around a "pissing" zone! :) Irrespective of gender
  40. aaah srEenu the same male chauvinist ideal men will be men we will piss where we want if no loo hmm
  41. I am not here to condone the behavior.. absolutely not..however,when it is "allowed" why not use it?! fine-line
  42. it is about acceptability and individual limitations.. We bring home even the trash we collect in car....
  43. isn't that a classic case of pointing fingers and refusing to take responsibility for being part of the problem?
  44. chauvinism in pissing!! come on!! If it is allowed...what is problem boss?! Get to the grass-root issue! :))
  45. Earlier I said, we need severe "fines" and stick to fix us.. Moral awareness will fall on deaf ears! ;-)
  46. Let's look at this other way, why don't we see men pissing in EU, Middle East or AmericaS ? Are the men strong?
  47. Something like this which I have seen ? "ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಮೂತ್ರ ವಿಸರ್ಜನೆ ಮಾಡುವವರು ಏಡ್ಸ್ ಬಂದು ಸಾಯುತ್ತಾರೆ"
  48. Aa Dove yella nediyolla... Namage kannada odokke barolla!! ;-))
  49. Bottom-line : Improve the infra-structure and implement tough laws!!!
  50. we are never part of the problem... problem is elsewhere... we are elsewhere... *sarcasm*
  51. Holding filled bladder is not pleasure or funny,it can lead to health problems,out of social pressure v r forced
  52. Moral Science - Thank-you! Now, let's get practical! :) Bring it on!!
  53. exactly...hence we need to demand for better infra-structure than bringing in gender bias and tough punishments
  54. We pay tax both direct and indirect, why don't we have free urinals?
  55. That's the point we need to dwell on...rather than.. trying to impart civic sense through twitter!
  56. so by paying tax our duty ends is it wah wah ask for it demand it
  57. Sad that "Education" is still not considered part of the solution.
  58. so what do you want us to do..pay taxes and suffer?! You are confusing me now?! :))
  59. Get the stick out.. education will get into even the toughest skull!! Tough laws are needed.
  60. as a rule pallavi I never piss in public I use washrooms
  61. Sir the place where I work, Kalasipalya or Shivajinagara...we are not as blessed as you..we use nature! :))
  62. we are talking local here ur wanting to piss in open not them
  63. u mean to say sreenu that beating is the only way and not teaching sharing. Narrow minded view
  64. by paying taxes u are earning the right to ask and demand got it
  65. exactly..why is that they don't piss on walls, and why do we do that?! :))
  66. hahaha! when Moral science doesnt work...bring the stick out!! :))
  67. moral science teaches us social values, behaviour etiquette and expected acts. Ur mom is first teacher
  68. Stop quoting my mother...or any mothers here.. First..it is not ME..it is us... Thanks!
  69. so you mean to say all the mothers of men who pee...are stupid??! Watch your words...brother!!
  70. GOSH! my twitter feed is filled with both your pee tweets! Stop it you guys!! :D
  71. Mute maadi... :)) TL stinks!! :)) I will message you once we are done!! :))
  72. :) Ironically its when the stick comes out we say that moral science is not working :)
  73. Guys, Frank suggestion, time you took this off the TL.
  74. please ensure that you moderate in a fair and and balanced manner!! :)) Period

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