Friday, June 27, 2014

new reformed Railway


Rajaram Bojji · @rbojji

 27th Jun 2014 from TweetCaster

Nice that @DVSBJP wants ideas from us. Surely Rly.BD will reject. But still, for record: 
1. Get rid of fixed signals, have cab signalling, moving block system for train operations. Indigenous technology available , tried for 160 kmph speed successfully , using advanced version of ACD , India's own artificial intelligent technology. 
2. Average speeds can be raised by 30 to 50% of goods and passenger trains, as well as capacity doubled. 
3. This would cost less than one third imported alternative technologies. And we already have rolling stock technology for 160 kmph speeds, which can be upgraded to 180 kmph.
4. Safety assured adopting SIL 2/3 levels of CENELEC , by international certification, not by RDSO. 
5. All new workshops, manufacturing facilities be on PPP basis.
6. All major stations be totally privatized for services, except for track& operations, on the lines of suburban stations in Navi Mumbai. Commercial exploitation of land on sharing revenue basis implemented at such stations.
7. No railway infrastructure can pay for capital recovery. Fares be such that operating expenses are fully met with some margin, but annual general budget grant of Rs 30k or 50k be assured for planning modernisation and HSR . 
8. Wider use of networked technology aids like tablets can cut down time and cost in various departments' way of working and delivery of services. Old methods ahould be dumped. 
9. At every level power center and responsibility center should be made one. Presently diffused unaccountable methods of execution for delivery of service should be dome away with. 
10. Budgeting should be based on each responsibility center and power center committing to time bound delivery of promises, monitored through cost effective technology tools already available , but mostly misused. 
Cheers! Rly Board will find enough reasons to dump these ideas as impractical, but easy to implement within two years, given honest will and courage! Hope @narendramodi and yourself will deliver us a new reformed Railway!

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